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The hunt for the perfect planter can often feel overwhelming. Some of the questions that may be swirling around in your head: Where to start? Drainage or cachepot? Glazed or unglazed? Hanging or not? Will my plant fit? It can all be enough to call it quits. And honestly, we're guilty of rocking the plastic nursery pot look for way longer than we'd like to admit. I mean we're in it for the plants, not the planters, right? Well, when you're tired of staring at that unsightly plastic and want to highlight your gorgeous plants with something a little more fitting—look no further. We've rounded up an extensive list of our favorite sources for all your planting needs!

Handcrafted Beauties

We're a little bit obsessed with handmade ceramics of all kinds whether it's the plates and mugs in our kitchens to the fruit bowls and decor on our tables—we just can't get enough. And of course, our hearts light up when we spot the perfect ceramic planter. Each maker highlighted here clearly puts so much love into each (often one-of-a-kind) piece, we can't help but think our plants will feel special in these pots!

Shapely & Fun

Playful Glazes

Tactile & Warm

Wonderfully Nice (or Weird) Shapes

If you've had a look around this site, you'll know we're big fans of unusual shapes—some say weird, we say nice! We just love how a shapely planter complements the unexpected and wild forms of our plant friends. Whether it's sharp and geometric or soft and whimsical or something else entirely, a little shape goes a long way around here.

Geometry Play

Soft Whimsy

Hit or Miss, But Worth a Look-see

Larger retail shops can sometimes be hit or miss and it can be frustrating when things come in and out of season with limited stock, but we can't help periodically digging through their offerings on the hunt for something special (especially when they're on sale 😈)!

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