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All about houseplants

How Many Plants was built by a particularly passionate houseplant obsessive, but it's here for all plant parents, seasoned enthusiasts and first-timers alike. By cutting through the disparate and often contradictory advice that seems to grow like weeds around all corners of the internet, HMP strives for clarity. With confidence-boosting plant guides and deep dives into everything from what we mean when we say "bright indirect light" to a very-calm-totally-not-freaking-out identification of the little critters ailing your plants, HMP is here to help you on your journey to plant-based happiness!

Hand-in-hand with a passion for plants comes a love for design. With an eye for interiors, each plant guide highlights handy cues for narrowing in on the "big frilly leaf with wide-load growth potential" perfect for that cozy corner of your bedroom.

A little about us

Hi, friend! My name is Daniela and I started How Many Plants with the help of my husband, Moe (and our mischievous doggo, Marvin). Trained as an architect with a career in interiors, my love of houseplants blossomed when I realized any space can be brought to life with a little (or a lot) of greenery—a truly indispensable design tool! TBH, this site is 90% self serving as I often found myself with a plant question, furiously googling for answers, feeling frustrated with the lack of clarity, and wishing such a resource existed (RIP all the plants I've killed).

P.S. The gorgeous illustrations throughout the site are thanks to our fearless and wildly talented illustrator, Evie May Adams. Check out more of her work on instagram or here!

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