humidity icon
decor: books
decor: booksdecor: bowldecor: vase
pilea potpilea
maranta potmaranta
temperature icondecor: fruit bowldecor: candlestick
decor: books with book ends
decor: candledecor: pitcherleaf look icon
decore: candlestickdecor: candlestick
decor: vasedecor: thumb
fishbone cactus potfishbone cactus
golden pothos potgolden pothos
decor: planterdecor: vase
decor: candledecor: books
calathea medallioncalathea medallion pot
watering iconfun fact icon
decor: timerdecor: booksdecor: vase
decor: books
anuthuriumanthurium pot
decor: cutting boarddecor: watering can
calathea rattlesnakecalathea rattlesnake pot
decore: candlestickdecor: books
format icondecor: vase
alocasia polly potalocasia polly
decor: bowlsdecor: books
decor: glassdecor: vase
decor: books
size icondecor: lampdecor: vase
spider plant potspider plant
decor: cups
decor: booksdecor: lamp
decor: platepro tip icon
spotted begonia potspotted begonia
string of hearts potstring of hearts
lighting icon
decor: bust
decor: planterdecor: books
decor: watering candecor: vase
decor: lamp
monstera adansonii potmonstera adansonii
decor: vasedecor: books
plant guides

Get to know your plants

Comprehensive guides for all your favorite houseplants - covering the basics of watering and lighting needs, more advanced topics like how to propagate, and diagnosing common problems.

Plant Guides

All about plant care

A growing resource, de-mystifying houseplant care for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Confidence-boosting guidelines covering Plant Care 101, Beyond the Basics, and Troubleshooting.

Plant Care

plant care
the dirt

Even more about plants

Get to know all the coolest plant places and plant people, explore our planter finds, design tips, and more.

The Dirt

Play with your plants

Create your own illustrated plant collection and maybe even plan your next real-life plant addition with a fun mix-and-match tool. Play with scale, texture, and color combos in our dreamy imaginary interiors.

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